Tuesday, September 1, 2015

24 Day Challenge for Moms

The AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge is an innovative program from AdvoCare to help people get lean and get toned. If your goal is to preserve lean muscle and burn body fat, and lose the 10+ extra pounds that's hanging around from pregnancy, this simple program is for you. There are no complicated meal plans and this is not a diet fad. You will see positive results when you follow the simple directions & instructions. What are you waiting for? 

24 day challenge for nursing moms
After you purchase your 24 Day Challenge Bundle, your shipment from AdvoCare will include a program to follow for the full 24 days.

Products for your 24 Day Challenge

Peaches & Cream Fiber Drink - Provides internal cleansing and enhances nutrient absorption.  Helps rid your body of toxins and waste. Scrubs internal tract.

CorePlex with Iron - Supplies a synergistic blend of 36 vitamins, minerals and nutrients for optimal health.  Promotes a healthy immune system and supports healthy bones, muscles and connective tissues.  This is your "Prenatal" supplement.  

ProBiotic Restore ULTRA - Helps maintain normal, beneficial intestinal microflora.  Supports healthy intestinal function and improves nutrient absorption. Aids in good digestion and provides immune system support.

Spark - Long-lasting energy (3-5 hours), without spiking blood sugar.  Sharpens mental focus and alertness - B-Vitamins and Amino acids create neurotransmitter reactions in the brain to provide long lasting, more focused energy.  Caffeine dilates blood vessels for better and quicker nutritional absorption.  Take anytime during the day for a natural energy lift.  Can be served Cold or Hot.

OmegaPlex - Plays an important role in the transportation of nutrients. Helps promote and boost a healthy metabolism. Promotes maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails.  Essential for building cell membranes to perform key functions in the brain, eyes and lungs. Eases inflammation and boosts immune system.  Aids in effective digestion, speed nerve transmission and enhances mood and memory/learning abilities.

Suggested Add-Ons for maximum results:
Meal Replacement Shake in Berry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate Mocha - Nourishes muscles and supports metabolism. A perfectly balanced (protein-to-carb ratio), satisfying meal. Great for someone who usually skips breakfast or lunch.

Catalyst - Amino Acids that support and preserve muscle tone, enhances strength and energy during workouts and helps rid the fat, retain the muscle and leave your body more toned and defined.

Muscle Gain - Metabolically balanced blend of high-grade proteins that supplies amino acids and other nutrients that are essential to protein synthesis and muscle building in an easy-to-digest formula that includes digestive enzymes to improve absorption of protein.

To see the end results of this program, it is recommended to take before pictures with full body measurements (waist, chest hips, arms, etc) and after pictures with after measurements.

So, if you're looking for the right weight loss program to lose that baby weight, but just don't know which hot trend to go with? Look no further. This is the jumpstart you are looking for.
24 day challenge for breastfeeding moms
For every $200 spent in OUR store, we will send you a $25 gift card!  All you have to do is spend $200 in our online store, forward us the email of your purchase receipt to ryantraver@gmail.com, and let us know if you'd prefer a lululemon, apple.com, or amazon.com gift card.  It's that easy!  So buy the bundle we have for Moms, or create your own shopping cart of products, fitness videos, etc!  (click here to email us)

If you like the results of the 24-day challenge program and would like to continue, it is recommended to repeat the max phase or lean-in-13 (step-2) as many times as necessary to achieve your desired weight or size.  Then you can customize your AdvoCare products to meet your needs on a maintenance plan.


  1. Why do you recommend the peaches and cream over the citrus?

  2. Why do you recommend the peaches and cream over the citrus?